Terminix Provides Adult Dogs Three-Zone Defense for Fleas


— use on-animal flea treatments;

“Don’t allow fleas just take more than your property and pet,”

Hedges said. “Begin remedy before the factor is proof fleas,

which may include scratching pets, tiny reddish brown flea residue

particles in pet fur and fleas in carpets.”

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— keep pets clean along with well groomed;

MEMPHIS, Tenn., June 19 /PRNewswire/ — Merely 20 fleas on a dog

can generate more than 2,000 flea eggs in one week. Whenever those eggs

become adult fleas, they tend to be likely to right away seek a host in which to be able to feed.

“Where your fleas live is the most critical place to apply

treatment and in nearly all cases, that’s on the pet,” mentioned Stoy Hedges,

Terminix manager involving technical services/pest control operations.

“Pets has for you to be inspected as well as handled regularly, and many dog owners

are now making use of an on-animal product.”

Effective flea treatment method and also manage is important for pets and

humans simply because although a linked here pet is the preferred host, fleas begins to

crawl in as well as bite humans if pets can not assistance them.

— frequently vacuum places where pets rest or perhaps sleep; and

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— employ professional pest management solutions for you to implement the


Since 1927, Terminix may be the leader inside creating innovative

strategies in order to protect homes as well as companies from pests. Together With a new network

of 502 support centers, utilizing the nearly all recent techniques and

technologies, Terminix is becoming the recognized world leader inside pest

control. With Regard To more information, call 800-TERMINIX.

Other actions inside the therapy method consist of (1) thorough

vacuuming of your house inside preparation for treatment; (2) indoor

application of residual supplies to be able to kill flea larvae and adults, along

with an insect growth regulator to end up being able to avoid flea eggs through hatching and

larvae coming from creating properly; along with (3) outdoor treatment method involving areas

where pets rest or even invest time to restrict the actual quantity of fleas being carried

into the home.

/CONTACT: Stoy Hedges regarding Terminix International, 901-766-1443;

or Deborah Beard regarding Stone & Ward, 501-375-3003, pertaining to Terminix


To avoid any recurrence associated with flea infestation right after treatment, pet

owners should:

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A three-zone defense — outdoors, indoors and also around the pet itself

— is necessary for you to control flea infestation.

Terminix OnGuard, a fresh product from Terminix, is the initial and

only item presently designed for adult dogs which kills flea eggs,

larvae and adult fleas almost all in a application. Inside addition, Terminix

OnGuard repels ticks, which usually bring Lyme Disease, and mosquitoes, which

may transmit heartworms. Terminix OnGuard ought to simply be employed on adult

dogs (six a handful of months or perhaps older) plus households without having puppies, cats or

other animals since they will may not tolerate exposure to become able to it.

Because flea control along with eradication involve the coordinated

effort, experienced bug control specialists can easily provide the most

effective service. Your expert can easily inspect a house along with recommend a

customized, convenient plan to treat flea infestations along with manage fleas

and various other pests.